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Buying Second Hand Catering Equipment

If you own a catering business or are looking to start one and need equipment, then you should consider second hand catering equipment. Most people immediately start looking for brand new equipment without even considering second hand catering equipment but the difference could save your company a lot of money. Read on to find out why you should consider second hand catering equipment when next looking to buy equipment.

We specialise in the supply of quality brand named new and used catering equipment, and we check every piece of equipment rigorously, in order to ensure that our customers all only get the high quality service and products that you deserve from us.

It’s worth mentioning this first and emphasising it the most, because every business owner knows that cost is the underlying main factor in all business decisions. Second hand catering equipment is naturally cheaper than buying brand new, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. A lot of catering equipment does not suffer from much degradation over time, so second hand catering equipment will generally work just as well as new for your business.

Catering can be a very competitive industry and with lots of competitors you need to do all you can to give your company the edge. Buying second hand catering equipment can allow you to start up or expand quicker than rivals – because you’re buying second hand catering equipment, you can afford more for the same price as competitors who are buying brand new! Your customers will have absolutely no idea you used second hand catering equipment and they won’t care as long as the food you used the second hand catering equipment to cook was good! When second hand catering equipment makes no difference to the quality of the food or customer satisfaction then why bother buying anything but second hand catering equipment?

Some people may be concerned about blemishes and faults with second hand catering equipment but this is an unrealistic stigma. Most non-functioning equipment gets thrown away and a large portion of second hand catering equipment comes from other catering businesses that went bankrupt or no longer needed the equipment. Second hand catering equipment is not damaged or defective equipment. Second hand catering equipment works just as well, but cannot be sold as new so it costs much less.